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15. 11. 2011







The slovene province and convent of the Mother of God at Ptujska Gora announce an


(12. 5. 2012)


It will be dedicated to

+ p. Miha Drevenšek,

the initiator of the music group Minores and missioner

who participated in two festivals Marijafest.





















Competition rules:


1. Performers may participate with only one (1) composition, authors with a maximum of three.
2. Song lyrics must have a Christian-Marian contents that should be clearly shown.

Songs about peace in the Spirit of Assisi are also welcomed because we shout Queen of Peace to the Blessed Virgin Mary in litany.
3. The time length must not exceed four (4) minutes.
4. Foreign language songs are considered songs that are written in a foreign language (not in Slovenian language).
5. Preference will be shown to those compositions having spiritual-prayerful lyrics.
6. A maximum of thirty performers may appear on stage for each entry.
7. Entry in the competition is anonymous. Entries must be supplied with a CODE (pseudonym).
• name and surname of the performer(s),
• name and surname of the authors (music, lyrics, arrangement),
• address, e-mail and telephone number of the contact person,
• address, e-mail and telephone number of the contact person,
• a short biography of the performer,
• three (3) copies of the lyrics with musical annotation,
• DEMO or final recording (exclusively on CD).
8. All authors (music, lyrics and arrangement) must submit a signed statement declaring that the entry is their original work. With this statement they accept all moral and material responsibility for potential claims of third parties and all the damage that could possibly be done to the organizer. With this statement they must also assure that the song has not been previously published nor publicly performed or transmitted in any way.
9. The festival organizers will nominate the commission of experts who will evaluate the entries. The evaluation process is not public, the results are without explanation and are final.
10. Ten (10) to twelve (12) compositions will be selected for presentation in the festival. The song must be performed live (main vocals). Instrumental and vocal accompaniment may be taped on a matrix.
11. In agreement with the publishing house, a promotional phonogram of MarijaFest will be published. The festival organizers will not provide for the recording of the entries. Performers of the selected songs must record their entry for the festival and deliver the final recording (of high quality) to the organizers of MarijaFest. For the buying-off of the rights and for the publication of the recording, the performers will receive a compensation (420 €).
12. Authors of the selected songs must deliver the final recording by 04. 04, 2012 . Final recordings of insufficient quality and those with a time length of more than four (4) minutes will be rejected.
13. The festival will take place on 12. 05, 2012 . The organizer reserves the right to disqualify any participant who infringes upon the festival rules and select, in place of his entry, an entry in compliance with them.
14. Compositions should be sent to the following address:

Ptujska Gora 40
2323 Ptujska Gora

15. Compositions arriving at the above mentioned address, postmarked by 16.02, 2012 will be accepted in the competition. Materials will not be returned.
16. Authors and performers will be notified about the selection of songs by 06. 03, 2012 .
17. This notice is valid from the date of publication until 16. 02, 2012 (including this date).
18. Public listeners of the festival, radio listeners and the Commission of Marijafest:
a. will choose the most beautiful Marian song of the year 2012 (can be chosen from songs written in the Slovenian language or in a foreign language).
There will also be a reward for the best lyrics.
Authors and performers of the winning song will receive an award certificate and an interesting gift.
19. The organizer reserves the right to publish the entries in songbooks or on the Internet.
20. The organizer reserves the right to welcome guest performers to participate in the festival, outside of the competition.
21. For further information go to e-mail



Chairman of Organizing Committee:
p. Tomaž Majcen
Chairman for Marijfest:
p. Janez Šamperl






Ptujska Gora, 15. november 2011